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Provider Directory

Find a provider fast with the Provider Search Directory.

A provider is a doctor, a nurse practitioner (NP), a physician's assistant (PA), or an affiliated medical group who gives you healthcare services.

You can search for a provider by name, city, or county. You can search for specialists and hospitals. You can also find providers who speak another language.

Provider Directory Search
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Searching the Online Provider Directory

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Provider Name
County and/or City
Provider Type
Primary Care Physician Specialists Hospital Ancillaries
Provider Name

If you know the provider's name, type it in the Name search box. You must have the correct spelling.

If you don't know the provider's name, leave the Name search box blank.

To search for Providers by their Line of Business (LOB), you can choose Medicaid, Medicare, or All from the LOB drop-down menu.
County and/or City

You can choose either County or City when you search for a provider. If you cannot find a provider in your city, use Any City in the drop-down menu, then choose from the Any County drop-down menu.
Provider Type: Primary Care Physician

A PCP is your personal doctor. This is the provider you see for regular healthcare. Some PCPs also have a specialty, like pediatrics (children's healthcare) or geriatrics (senior healthcare). If you want to find a PCP with a specialty, use the Specialty drop-down menu.
Provider Type: Specialists

A Specialist is your doctor for special types of healthcare, like cardiology (heart health) or orthopedics (bones and joints). If you want to find a specialist, use the Specialty drop-down menu.
Provider Type: Hospital

You can search for a hospital in your area. Use the Provider Type drop-down and choose hospital.
Provider Type: Ancillaries

An ancillary can provide vision care, hearing care, Durable Medical Equipment (DME - things like diabetes supplies and oxygen) and other healthcare services. Choose Ancillary, then use the Specialty drop-down menu.
Provider Type: Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP)

To search for a MIHP Provider, select MIHP from the Provider Type drop-down menu.

If you need assistance, or for a hard copy version of the Meridian Health Plan Provider Directory, please contact 866-606-3700. All information provided online can be obtained via print or telephone.

If you are looking for a mental health provider,
please contact the Meridian Health Plan
Behavioral Health Care Department at 866-796-1167.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the Department of Health and Human Services, have created a website to compare Hospital Quality and Patient Satisfaction. The information on the website was provided primarily by hospitals that have agreed to submit quality information knowing it would be shared with the public. To view information on each Hospital, please visit External

Additional information regarding practitioner specialties and board information can be found at the following websites: External LinkAmerican Board of Medical Specialties, External LinkAmerican Medical Association and External LinkAmerican Osteopathic Association

Accreditation is an evaluative process in which a healthcare organization undergoes an examination of its policies, procedures, and performance by an external private sector organization (accrediting body). Accreditation ensures the healthcare organization is meeting predetermined criteria, and usually involves both on- and off-site surveys. For more information about accreditation, visit External or visit External LinkAmerican Osteopathic Association.

All information provided online can be obtained in print or via telephone.

FOR PROVIDERS: Please notify the Meridian Health Plan Provider Services Department with any updates or changes to the information listed by calling 866-606-3700.

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